Manufacturer''''s Defects. KLUNG warrants all the parts except for the "Maintenance" & "Normal Use" items, (see below) to be free of manufacturer''''s defects for the first twelve months from the date of purchase.
Date of purchase. Date of purchase is the date when the End Purchaser takes delivery of the product. That date is determined by the Warranty Registration card and Retail Sales Receipt on file.
Maintenance Items. These are items which are part of regular maintenance such as filters, lubricants, spark plugs etc..
Normal Use. These are items which wear out due to normal use. These include - but are not limited to - tires, batteries, plastics, hoses, brake pads/shoes, clutches, bulbs
This warranty does not cover:
  1. Labor charges
  2. Any vehicle that has been used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to: rental, competition / racing or stunts.
  3. Failures resulting from: use of improper fuels or lubricants, use of non-original parts, any alterations to the vehicle or failures due to those alterations, failures due to tampering or improper repair, accidents, fire, theft, or misuse.
  4. Failures as a result of overheating due to lack of proper oil levels or application of lubricants.
  5. Normal deterioration of appearance due to wear, exposure, or other environmental conditions.
  6. Consequential or incidental costs such as loss of use, inconvenience, or commercial revenue loss.
  7. Failures that may occur due to improper care, (including but not limited to exceeding the weight limit or negligence by the user), lack of maintenance, blatant misuse outside normal intended operations, or crashes / accidents due to operator error.
1.       PDI(Pre-delivery inspection form) , reassembly and final customer warranty registration.
And purchase invoice .
The product must be reassembly by the authorized dealer and meet the facotry reassembly
Manual. A PDI [Pre Delivery Inspection] checklist outlines each safety and operation point you must cover with the End Purchaser before signing over the Certificate of Origin to them.
The dealer should fill out the PDI form and the warranty registration form ,have it signed both by customers and dealer ,then fax or Email it to us within 15 days of purchase.
It also need a purchase invoice copy with Date and VIN number.
2.       Periodic maintainance:
all the maintainace required by ownersĄŻ manual should be done by the the authorized dealer.
Please leave us the maintainace service record signed by the dealers if you claim warranty.
3.       warranty service to improve the quality.
1.       Final customers warranty claim form need to be filled out and signed by final customers
2.       Warranty analysis and judgement should be done by KLUNG Technology Department.
Photos ,broken parts,Vin number,all valid related documents is needed to offer by the customers.
3.       warranty service by the authorized dealer.
4.       URGENT parts supply can be accepted with our pre-approval and ship out by courier at your cost. Any Extra cost incurred due to failure of distributor will be borne by the distribuor.
5.       use of the vehicles must comply with the ownerĄŻs manual.
6.       parts sale are ruturn ,no warranty ,no exchange.
7 .  All parts must be genuine from the factory.
All parts are not allowed to sell other dealers and brand products.
Relationship between the dealers and END purchaser.
1.The Dealer should read and understand the owners manual and discuss specific safety and operation information with the End Purchaser. The Dealer must not knowingly sell a our product to a purchaser who plans to allow a child to operate the vehicle when that child is younger than the rated age for the model. The Dealer must reinforce the importance of the rated safe age range for a given model before delivery of the Vehicle. A PDI [Pre Delivery Inspection] checklist outlines each safety and operation point you must cover with the End Purchaser before signing over the Certificate of Origin to them. A copy of this PDI checklist must be signed by the Dealer and the End Purchaser acknowledging that the dealer has conveyed the information and that the End Purchaser understands & acknowledges the information has been explained. The signed PDI checklist form must be sent in to KLUNG along with the Warranty Registration.
2.Dealer Internet Sales and Blind SHipping. Dealers for KLUNG are prohibited from selling product un-assembled in the carton to the End Purchaser. Assembly by the end user represents serious safety risks due to lack of mechanic-level experience. If you sell our products on your web site, they must be delivered to the End Purchaser in a fully assembled state and you must handle all Delivery paperwork requirements (outlined above) just as if your customer took delivery at your store.
An MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) will be established for each product. These prices are set to be competitive yet provide a reasonable profit margin for our dealers. Sales at or near your cost will compromise the ability of our dealer network to maintain viability and so, will be grounds for withdrawal of active / authorized status.
3.Initial Set Up & Ongoing Service. The Dealer or seller must be able to coordinate all PDI and subsequent maintenance & repair service for the End Purchaser. If the Dealer does not have mechanics on staff, they should have standing agreements with small engine repair facilities willing to complete the initial "Re-Assembly" of the bike when unpacked from the shipping carton. KLUNG supplies a "Re-Assembly" manual for each model and has personnel available to assist with service & parts questions regarding the products we distribute through our dealer network.
4.Parts Availability.
While certain maintenance oriented parts can be sold to the general public by our dealer network we reserve the right to limit or refuse parts supply to non-authorized dealers or to anyone using our parts for another brand name product. Our first commitment is to our authorized dealer network.
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